I don’t think I can condense a definition to anything so concise as not to take over the entire blog. Its not a simple definition, and should be wholly inclusive of humanity, heck flora and fauna even! To me, even defining ‘community’ limits its power, breadth, and reach. I am a global thinker having worked, lived on, and traveled to 5 continents, I see the WORLD as a community…OUR community, ONE community. Anyone who fails to see the interconnectedness between ourselves and our brothers and sisters on the other side of the planet, or just down the street, is missing the point. Our actions, our choices here in RVA have a profound effect on our global community. Do you know who made the shirt you are wearing? Under what conditions they labored? Their age? Their daily wage? These things matter and its our responsibility to try to remain conscious of how the part of the community we see affects the part of the community we choose to ignore.