Sunday Inspiration – Smile You’re On Camera!

If you follow this blog closely — you may have noticed that I have done some new (slightly different) things within the last week. I debuted the RVA HOT SAUCE Trailer on the new Cheats Movement Vimeo page, I created a Cheats Movement tumblr page  and have been more active posting on  Richmond Neighborhoodr. In addition, I’ve been working on even more collaborations with RVA News, RVA Mag, and any other blogs or groups that will have me shoot photos or write content for them.  Long story short, as the first year of this blog ends (1 year anniversary is Jan 2012) — I really hope that year 2 is about diversifying the outlets in which The Cheats Movement content can be viewed. The goal remains the same –  to highlight the talented creative community in RVA and show as many people as possible the many different sides of Richmond. I understand that in order to do that the way I want to — The Cheats Movement has to be in even more places and work that much harder (and smarter) to gain the attention of the city.  So that’s the goal — even more collaboration — even more events — even more photo projects and videos — with the goal that the next photo, video, article, post, collaboration, has to be better than the last. That along with the best day/night job in the world – the focus remains on a trillion. People that know me or have worked with me – know this already about me but if you don’t — I’m really easy to find and contact (email, facebook, twitter).  I’m always looking to collaborate if the content represent Richmond well and represents positive growth. Hit me up — Stay Focused!

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