A few months back, I got an email from DJ Lavan, a Richmond music lover who had just started K&B Music, a booking, promotion, and management company for musical talent in and around RVA. I was instantly interested in what DJ’s new company was attempting to accomplish because we both appear to have the same attitude about abundance of diverse musical talent in RVA.  Last night I was finally able to catch up with DJ at K&B’s first Richmond Showcase at the Canal Club. The showcase featured:  Carl Anderson (Not Pictured),  The WeatherVanes (Washington DC), Mojoceratops (Philly), Trees on Fire (Charlottesville), and RVA’s own Dan.K D  and Marionette. The night was a celebration for K&B and chance for most of the K&B family to meet each other and hang out. DJ told me that the K&B stands for Kindness and Balance. “I am just trying to see the local music scene grow and put talented acts in the right place to be successful.” So far, the response has been overwhelming. DJ mentioned last night that the K&B Family stretches from Philly to Georgia and is growing daily. Check out my photos from the K&B showcase by clicking HERE.

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