‘Tis The Season — The Blessing and Cures of Holiday Service (Central Virginia Food Bank, RVA)

This morning — my wonderful co-workers and I did some Holiday Service at the Central Virginia Food Bank.  The group of about 11 of us met at the food bank to help sort food for holiday delivery. The Central Virginia Food Bank is an awesome place — it’s located right over by the Diamond.  They do amazing work feeding the hungry in “most of Virginia.” While at the food bank, we were able to meet some of the leadership staff and great volunteers that help on a regular bases.  What we learned may startle you – 1 of every 5 Virginians don’t know where their next meal will come from – and too many of those Virginians are children. I titled this post the Blessing and the Cures of Holiday Service — and I’m sure you know why — while the holidays bring out great groups of volunteers with their hearts in the right place — organizations like the Central Virginia Food Bank need that spirit and the willingness to help all year. While it’s great that our office took time out to help today (Dec 22) — they have a lot of volunteers in December — they need help in months like March or October too. So if you ever are looking for a place to do some meaningful volunteer work in RVA – don’t sleep on the Central Virginia Food Bank. They could really use your support. Happy Holidays!

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