It’s true — I love birthdays! And though birthdays in your 30’s can be a bit tricky — I’m still a huge fan. The thing about birthdays is that it’s a really good time to assess your personal standing in life — figure out exactly where you are — where you thought you would be — and of course, where you want to go. I’m just like everyone else when it comes to this — I often take my birthday to reflect on the past year, figure out what has made me happy, assess my relationships and career, and all sorts of stuff.  Through it all I can truly say that — I’ve been truly blessed with the best family a person can ask for — my mom, dad, big sister, and big brother have loved and supported me in everything I’ve ever done. They are amazing! I’ve got some amazing friends — from high school (JRT), VCU, my job, to my newest friends from The Cheats Movement — It’s been a really special year.  Looking forward — there are things that I do want to change and need to change — no one can stand still – you have to keep growing and moving. But – I’m really looking forward to the future! I’m looking forward to new challenges and goals – meeting new people and highlighting RVA.  I hope that all of you will join me for the ride. Thanks for making this past year so special and for the birthday wishes! Stay Focused – Cheats

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