I think most people will agree that RVA is a close knit town — and that there are many positives (and negatives) about that aspect of our city. A positive is the close connection of talented people. Often I will be doing a project for The Cheats Movement and someone will ask, “have you seen my friend’s art work or have you heard my friend’s cd?” That is pretty normal and I love it. It is the best way to connect to what’s hot on the street.

Since I started this blog, the name Hamilton Glass has come up over and over from my friends and other artist. Though I was familiar with his mural work, I had never met HAM until a about a week ago. HAM’s talent is truly world class. I was instantly drawn in by the visual ascetic of his art and also the powerful messages he displays. I agreed that HAM would be perfect for a profile on the site but then I thought — PROFILES ARE NOT ENOUGH IN 2012.

I really want this site to be a part of RVA’s creative community. Instead of just profiles, I want to build real relationships with the talented people I highlight doing work in the city. So this post is just a start of my new goal.

HAM has blessed the site with a brand new 2012 logo and I will continue to highlight HAM’s work on this site. CHECKOUT HAM’S WEBSITE: and hit him up for work.

Let me know what you think of the new logo by comment, facebook, twitter, orĀ  email. I want to know — and the first ever Cheats Movement stickers are coming later this month.


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