I’m still pretty sick today — so I couldn’t work on new stuff last night. However, I’ve been holding some gems that were dropped on me by RVA Super Producer Brad Ohbliv. And since I’m feeling a little down — might as well pick up my spirits with some new boom bap. If you don’t know about Ohbliv — you are missing one of RVA’s most talented producers. The dude is a throwback to when hip hop was a little more simpler yet a little more real. I first met Ohbliv early last year when I tracking the collective Just Plain Sounds, which he is a member, and we just hit it off — then after I met him I heard Yellow Gold – his collaboration with RVA Emcee Nick F – and I was hooked.  I reached out to Ohbiv a few weeks ago when I decided that I was going to start posting Cheats Movement Club Picks and he dropped these beats on me. Check them out – more official club picks coming this week.

freekphone – By Ohbliv

tete-a-tete – By Ohbliv

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