By now I hope it’s clear that Cheats Movement Blog supports those that support the site and support RVA in a positive way. My goal is to have a strong relationship with all sides of RVA’s creative community. Doing that requires me to spend a lot of my time meeting new people and starting new relationship. I really enjoy that aspect of the blog. However, this post is a rare occasion — through this site and the RVA creative community, I was able to reconnect with a friend that I met a few years back and now I’m able to see him moving full circle. That someone is local hip hop artist Charles Diamond.  A part of the hip hop collective Mix Breed. I met Charles a few years ago at a summer camp designed for young people that were leaders in their high schools. Charles along with his Mix Breed family are now striving to be leaders in the RVA hip-hop scene.

Their latest mixtape, that dropped at midnight, is called, Coolest in America (Click to download). Charles blessed me with the link and RVA Mag just posted the dope video Where I am (also below).  Support Charles Diamond and Mix Breed on Facebook and twitter.  And of course, check them out performing live in and around RVA.


Where I am

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