One week after her debut column in the nationwide mega-blog The Huffington Post, I sat down with RVA’s own Patience Salgado. She is better known to many as Kindness Girl.  Though Patience and I share the honor of both being named to Style Weekly’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2009 we’d never met or spoken before last week. Patience and I actually connected via Facebook after I saw her amazing photos from RVA Remembers. In addition to all the wonderful act of kindness she does, she is also an amazing photographer, writer, and blogger (BTW: a wife and mother of four). She has over 2,800 followers on twitter and has been featured in Oprah’s Magazine (yep that Oprah). Though we’d never spent any time around each other before — you would have never known it if you saw us in Crossroads last week. She instantly felt like my sister and we immediately hit if off. We spoke about her new gig at the Huff Post, her passion for the concept of kindness, how being known as Kindness Girl impacts her personal life, and her new guerrilla project: The Great Day of Garbage Gratitude.  Check out my full interview with Patience by clicking HERE. Please support her efforts at: and follow her on twitter at: @kindnessgirl







“Honestly – the crazy thing is that if Oprah had never happened, or any of it had never happened, I would still be doing exactly what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, all of the publicity is awesome because it’s great to dream bigger and think about how much further the concept of kindness can go but I was telling my husband the other day that I have the same exact feeling walking away from brainstorming a kindness project with my garbage men that I did when I found out about Oprah Magazine – the same exact feeling.” — Patience Salgado


Cheats Movement: You just mentioned the Oprah article but the recent news is your writing for The Huffington Post, you just posted your first column last week?

Kindness Girl:  Yes. I posted a week ago.  It came out of nowhere, The Huffington Post just started a new “Good News” section and I got an email from them asking if I would be interested in writing.  They have tons of blogger so there are a lot of people doing it but what is really cool about it is that I now have a new voice to tell stories about kindness that I didn’t have before…

Cheats Movement:  And they’re huge – one of the most popular blogs in the country. This is a big deal.

Kindness Girl:  I’m so nervous about it.  I really don’t write editorials – that’s not my thing. So I guess I will just do the type of stuff I do on my blog and hope that it hits.

Cheats Movement:  So how often will you write for them?

Kindness Girl:  They are asking for once or twice a week but I think I can pull off once a week. I’m hoping to get approval for a post now – I am hoping that they feature it.  I’m asking the country to do a kindness mission with me.

Cheats Movement: Awesome! Is this brand new?

Kindness Girl: Yes. I’m hoping it will be approved but I’m not sure.

Cheats Movement:  So I can break some news?  Can I break some news with this interview?

Kindness Girl:   Well, I met my garbage men right before Christmas and I had this thought that these men are in our lives day in and day out but we often don’t know their names, we don’t know who they are.  While I was talking to them, I decided that I want to do a kindness project for garbage men because they often go unrecognized.  I asked them, “What type of kindness would you appreciate?”  Joe said, I think we just need a little respect.” Hearing that I thought, that is such a basic human need – everyone needs a little respect. So, I’m asking the country to write notes of gratitude to their garbage men, maybe throw in a gift card too, and put it on their trash can for their garbage collectors on a selected trash pick-up day.  Think how great it would be if can after can garbage collectors received another note. Just for one day, they would feel gratitude for the work they provide on a daily basis.


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