“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” – John Lennon

Well, I know that I’ve been stalling on the release of the first RVA HOT SAUCE videos and stalling even more on the plans for the next RVA HOT SAUCE.¬† Full disclosure time – The task is a bit more challenging than I ever thought it would be – The first HOT SAUCE was such a great event for anyone that was there or watched online.¬† Coming back for¬† a squeal really gave me some hesitation BUT fear not –¬† the wait is over – RVA HOT SAUCE will return in April 2012 and it will be bigger and better than every before. I’ve been in talks with my dudes Jason Moore (The Shop) and James Dangle (JPS) and we already have some really crazy ideas for something real special for RVA.

In regards to the short vids from the first HOT SAUCE — I’m currently working on 2 major projects right now — and I’m posting this as much to motivate me as to notify you. Project 1 is a Cheats Movement Zine Project – highlighting all the work of the blog’s first year through photos and interviews. Project 2 is the HOT¬† SAUCE short vids. I will be working on both of these projects at the same time and hope to have something to show everyone very soon. If you have no idea what I’m talking about — check out the 1st trailer from RVA HOT SAUCE below.

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