Artik Phreeze walks like a superstar – talks like a superstar – looks like a superstar – and most importantly raps like a superstar. If RVA hip-hop was college basketball, Phreeze would get the label NBA ready.  As he puts it, “He kills features man.” I’ve also seen him kill live shows and translate that energy on his records. I’ve been really optimistic with my dude Phreeze about this year — I told him that 2012 “should be” his year. All he has to do is keep doing what he’s doing, make solid business decisions, and put out work.

Phreeze is ready to move to the next level and the first move is the, “The Best Thing That Hasn’t Happened” Mixtape dropping in a few days. Phreeze hit me off with a sample to share for RVA – Check it out – support local talent.

Breaking Bread

Back On My…..ft Octavion Xcellence

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