This week I’m adding some new members to The Cheats Movement Club. There have been so many creative projects recently that it has been hard for me to keep up but trust me when I say that I got you — it’s going to take me a minute but I GOT YOU. This week I’m adding some real different stuff — in recognition of the legendary J-Dilla – I’m adding the Questlove’s Hot 97 J-Dilla Tribute (with download link), along with: New Conrizzle, New Michael Millions, Chance Fischer X Kleph Dollaz!, my instant classic: J-Nero ft Noah-O and Big Ty, & Worthless Junk’s  Black Girls. I’m also adding RVA Stickers to the Club for hooking up the amazing Cheats Movement Stickers – designed by the one and only Hamilton Glass.

RVA: I’m going to keep doing it big for RVA, The Cheats Movement BlogWest Coast Kix –  RVA Mag and I just landed a brand new opportunity that will allow me to promote RVA’s creative scene even more (details coming). All I need from you is your support of the effort by spreading the word about the blog – Like the Cheats Movement on Facebook and keep sending me notice of new stuff. We are all in this together. ENJOY!

ARTIST: MICHAEL MILLIONS X THE SHHO ALBUM: MICHAEL TRACK: JORDAN JACKSON WHY: Biggie once said, “I perform like Mike – pick one: Jordan, Jackson, Action,” – and I’m adding Millions — see how I did that. I just downloaded this album yesterday and the first track is crazy — using that faint bop from Santana’s Who am I track – Millions goes in. Though I know he had big 2011 – I just starting to get familiar with Millions work. I looking forward to seeing what more has in store for 2012.






ARTIST: CONRIZZLE ALBUM: CRANGRAPE & MORE WHITE GIRLS TRACK: AMNESIA FT NICK F AND MICHEAL MILLIONS WHY: I said last year that Nick F with Conrizzle were two my favorite live performers of 2011. This year Rizzle and Nick F already topped that when they added Micheal Millions and killed Amnesia at PTF 8 at The Camel. This track is a strong studio track and when you hear it live….curtains.







ARTIST: CHANCE FISCHER X KLEPT DOLLAZ! ALBUM: PASSPORT TO NOWHERE TRACK: INQUISITION WHY: My man Iain from Grape Cloth put me on to this tape. I was very impressed. I ran into Chance the other week in WCK and I told him that Inquisition was one of my favorite joints on the tape (along with Nice). Always good to put someone in the club that I see out and around town. He’s a cool young dude.







ARTIST: QUESTLOVE (THE ROOTS) WHAT: HOT 97 TRIBUTE TO J-DILLA WHY: J-DILLA is a true hip-hop legend. The hip-hop community lost Dilla 6 years ago but his music will live forever. Questlvoe calls the Dilla, “The greatest rap producer ever.” His tribute on Mr. Cee’s Hot 97 Show is dope. Click HERE to Download. 






ARTIST: BLACK GIRLS ALBUM: HELL DRAGON VIDEO: SOUTH CAROLINA WHY: The RVA buzz has been building for Black Girls. Last week, I sat down with worthless Junk Records Founder/CEO Bucky Lewis (interview coming soon) and he reassured me that what I was hearing was true. I look forward to seeing them live on February 24th at Kingdom.


ARTIST: J-NERO FT. NOAH-O & BIG TY  VIDEO: FROM VIRGINIA WHY: I think this video has MTV quality and it’s a powerful track. I just love the video and I know that Nero has big plans for it still.


COMPANY: RVA STICKERS WHY: They hooked up The Cheats Movement Stickers! My dude Aaron is very easy to work with and I look forward to doing more work with him and RVA Stickers in the future.

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