True story, I’ve been asking Ms. Proper to send me a new track for a minute. I’m a fan. Honestly, I  do not notice very many female emcees killin the RVA rap scene these days and I see even less rockin live shows.  No disrespect to other female emcees working hard (I do know a few that on the grind) but Ms. Proper seems to be cut from a different cloth.  I was able to spend some time with her for a piece I’m developing about females in hip hop and it’s clear that while music comes first – Proper has the additional responsibilities of making sure her entire team at So Proper Ent. is moving in the right direction and holding down Rated R Radio. She is on the grind as a musician and a boss.  Check out her latest track, “Say It” and CLICK HERE to visit to her website.

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