The other week I dropped the ManlyMan RVA HOT SAUCE video with a promise to post more — well I’m posting  more – and hopefully most Fridays until my clips are done I will be posting videos from RVA HOT SAUCE.

Today I am posting a clip from singer/songwriter Chris Ryan. Chris has been one of my favorites for a while now. I first saw him bringing down the house with Beast Wellington. Then I heard his fantastic solo album, “Pray for Rain.” Chris came by The Shop to helps us at RVA HOT SAUCE. Not only did he play some songs from the album but he also played a pretty sweet jam session with Mike Kemitic and Chuck Dawson. RVA HOT SAUCE was one of the most diverse nights of last year. I’m so glad Chris was a part of it. Check it out and make sure to buy his album “Pray for Rain” on itunes.

RVA HOT SAUCE Flyer by: No Name No Brain

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