My path first intersected with the lovely Sara Gossett the weekend of the Shadrock Music Festival.  After battling horrible weather and ultimately shooting De La Soul at Brown’s Island, a group of us danced the night away at Balliceaux. Sara, aka Sister Goldenhaze, was spinning old school dance tunes with her friend DJ Mixie. I was blown away. So blown away that the following week I reached out to Sara and DJ Mixie to get them both on the blog.

I was delighted to learn that Sara also paints and draws. I stopped by her first solo show last night at Steady Sounds to officially introduce myself and check out her show.

Sara was great to meet in person. I look forward to showcasing more of her talent on The Cheats Movement. If you can, swing by Steady Sounds to check out her showing and also click here to buy her work online.

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