The best thing about The Cheats Movement blog is that it allows me to meet new people and learn about new things in RVA. I met my dude Sheb AKA Skywalk3R at the Shadrock Music Fest and he told me about his weekly radio show Electronica Weekly. I told him that I didn’t know much about electronica music beside the amazing photos that I have seen of his live shows (Skywalk3R does his thing with the trio Nint3ndo). He invited me down to the U of R radio station to check out his show in person. It was a really cool trip. His studio partner Justin AKA E!i Cash was in the mix, djing some on-air sets. I was able to talk Cheats Movement but mostly learn about the EDM music scene in RVA . I had now idea what was going on right here in this city.  I can’t wait to shoot one of these crazy shows. Make sure you stay up  one Tuesday night and check out the show: The Electronica Weekly Radio Show airs every Tuesday Night from 11pm-1am on WCDE’s 90.1 – Richmond, VA! For live listening, please go to www.wdce.org.

SKYWALK3R AND E!i CASH – The host of Electronica Weekly






E!i CASH: Lil Wayne vs. Minnesota – Babylon Stuntin (Dubstep Mashup 320 DL)


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