Recently I have been thinking a lot about understanding my value – knowing my place – and playing my position. Weather it be with The Cheats Movement Blog in RVA, at work, or even within my family. There is no doubt that I have a lot of self confidence. But I’ve been trying to dig deeper into the root of that confidence and the source of that foundation. Mos Def once said on a record (I think it’s the intro to Black on Both Sides) that every person must understand that they are valuable – and that they are valuable for the simple reason that they are created by GOD.  I truly believe that. I also believe that knowledge of self – understanding who you are and where you come from is one of the most important lessons a young person can be taught. A few days ago, I sat down with one of may favorite people, RVA’s musical genius Ohbliv. We sat down for a must read interview (S/O RVA Mag) and we got into a few deep topics. I asked him, what is the most important lesson that he can to teach his young son. Without hesitation, Brad O said, “to always be yourself,” he would teach him his worth. That answer blew me away.  I think if a young person is taught that important lesson early in their life – the fact that they are valuable – it has a significant impact on that person’s entire life. I know that lesson was taught to me by my mother and it’s a lesson that has stuck with me.

While at the same time, it’s true that I openly struggle with some new challenges closely associated with understand my worth and carving out my place. I don’t have a hidden agenda – I want The Cheats Movement Blog to be an important part of RVA’s creative community. It doesn’t have to be the best blog in Richmond (though if it was consider that – I wouldn’t bet mad lol). I just want it to have it’s place…I don’t know how to measure that…I won’t pretend to know how. I do know that thanks to my foundation – and the lesson that were taught to me – I know that my existence has value and is worth something. And I hope that anyone who cares to take the time to read this blog (or post) knows that too. It’s never too late to gain more knowledge of self – never to late to understand your value – and know that your position is yours…play it to the best of your ability. We’re going to keep going. S/O to my man Brad O…your clip is a great lesson for everyone. #WE SEE IT

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