“Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood, Ruff Ryders, and of course, This is not a F-in Game,” all chants synonymous with the legendary rapper DMX. The Grand Champ took the National stage last night to a very enthusiastic crowd. X did not waste any time going right into the string of hits that made him one of the biggest emcees of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He performed nearly all of his popular songs from his 7 albums, normally performing one or two verses from each song while the DJ kept the pace moving. X, the ultimate showman, showed tons of energy – despite saying that he had just gotten off of 3 planes. He interacted with the crowd, often joking with members in the audience, pulling women on stage (yes he did),  and he even poured a bottle of Hennessy on the front row. To the dismay of National security, at one point X climbed on the large speaker system on the side of the stage to launch into the Ruff Ryder Anthem.

He controlled the stage at every moment with ease. He ripped through songs like: “Get At Me Dog,” “Who We Be,” and “Party Up.”  He slowed it down with, “Slippin.” As always, X ended the show with a prayer and left the crowd chanting for more. Also, S/O to the homie Black Liq and The New Juice Crew for always representing RVA on stage. The man works hard.

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