Though I arrived fairly late to Gallery 5 Saturday night, I could instantly tell that I was in the right place for a good time. WRIR’s Commonwealth of Notions host and awesome music writer Shannon Cleary was leading the effort for Commonwealth of Notions’ second live concert: Vol. 2. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE PHOTO ALBUM.

[Photo: Commonwealth of Notions host Shannon Cleary]

On three stages at Gallery 5, Vol 2 was an all day concert featuring some of the RVA’s best bands. I arrived just in time to see my friend Swordplay rip the main stage. I also was excited because¬† it would be my first time seeing the show closer, Canary Oh Canary. I had heard a lot about Canary Oh Canary from some of my music blogger friends (most of them were in the building). Both Swordplay and Canary Oh Canary were awesome live.

[Photo: Swordplay and  Canary Oh Canary]

As usual for me, I left the night really impressed with two band that I have never seen or actually heard of before: The Low Branches and Bermuda Triangles.

The Low Branches have a sound that takes you to a different place. It’s cool melodic stuff. Like most people in the world – I’m a bit of a sucker for attractive lead singers that plays guitar – The Low Branches have that too. They were really impressive and captured an audience that had been hearing some up tempo hype MCing just minutes before.

Bermuda Triangles – What’s not to like! Pretty much 3 drums going in all at once – a sax – keyboards – I have never seen anything like this live. It was awesome! Their groove is strong – It’s hard to explain but it’s that feeling you get when drums take over your entire body. I got that listening to them. Bermuda Triangles went hard, it sounded amazing, and don’t get me wrong – they are a bit out there. Just enough “out there” that you think – they are really on to something special. I’m going to remember them for a while!

Overall, a great night of music. Well done by Shannon and the entire crew at WRIR and Commonwealth of Notions. I can’t wait for Vol. 3. Click HERE to see my entire photo album.

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