I first met photographer Marc Schmidt a few months back  while covering the G40 Art Summit. I was determined to crush the G40 for The Cheats Movement. I wanted to have the best photos – best features – best everything – but I noticed everywhere I was going I always saw the same guy either before me or after me killing photos. After a while, I walked up to him and introduced myself. Being that we share the same first name it was pretty obvious from the beginning that Marc and I were going to be cool.

Marc started shooting photography around 7 years ago – around the same time that his son was born – and his skills have grown “almost” as fast as his boy. Marc has a diverse portfolio. He shoots art, bands, portraits, board sports, just about anything he can. He is working a lot with two speedlights right now and doing some really different stuff in RVA.


Despite my goal of crushing everything – Marc Schmidt is the guy who crushed G40. His dope images were everywhere and all of them were amazing. He was the first person I called to shoot the Cheats Movement Family Photo. Marc is available and willing to work in RVA for a really reasonable rate. Check out his great stuff at:!home/mainPage Contact Marc at:

Marc at the Cheats Movement Family Photo. Thanks Marc!

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