If you know me then you know that I’m a hip hop head and a soul baby first BUT more importantly I love good music. With that – It takes a lot to get me off my hip hop/soul/jazz/brass band/funk groove sometimes. One band that always gives me a good vibe when I see them perform is White Laces. I was first introduced to White Laces from my buddy Kristel and I’ve been impressed with them ever since. From last year’s RVA Music Fest, to the WRIR show, to the Worthless Junk show, they’ve always represented well. They are “that” RVA band that seems to always get better every time you see them.  Tonight, they are playing a  major show at Balliceaux leading up to the the release of their new record, “Moves” being released on Speakertree Records. An extra bonus is that my main man – musical genius Ohbliv will be in the building – opening up for the show. I couldn’t draw up a better show. My dude Landis White dropped some tracks to me last night – Check them out and hit the show tonight. The Cheats Movement camera will be in the building!

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