Saturday I covered the 1st ever So RVA Fest at the National. The event was definitely an experiment in RVA diversity. Moss United and their team did some good things in their first event. From the top, as a hip hip fan, the hip hop line-up was strong: Bravo, Big League, Black Liq with the New Juice Crew, S.I.C., and Noah-O with his crew Charged Up Ent. is a line up that The Cheats Movement Blog would have been really proud to showcase in RVA. Also, So RVA did a really good job working with their sponsors prior to the event. I work with West Coast Kix and prior to the event I know we were all impressed with the details and the planning by the So RVA Fest team. And of course, any money to help benefit the Virginia Special Olympics is a great thing. I was pleased to know that the event had a real philanthropic aspect to it. The last comment I will make on the positive side (and I’m sure there were plenty more) is the diversity of the audience and the overall crowd size was impressive for their first event at the National. I’ve seen a lot of locally based hip hop shows at the National and Saturday’s crowd was impressive.

Things that could be improved next time? I will not harp on improvements because I do believe the event was a good event. It was clear that during the event the late arriving crowd was much more of a dance party crowd (Off The Hookah or Tiki Bob’s) as opposed to a hip hop crowd. That was not the problem it was great to see diversity together in RVA but it appeared to me that the hip hop portion of the show was cut short in order to get the dance party started faster. This resulted in shorter sets from Charged Up, S.I.C, and worst of all Noah O did not take the stage. As a true fan of RVA hip hop – that was a miss.

With that noted, I’m excited to see what Moss United and the So Fresh RVA team has planned moving forward. I think events like the So RVA Fest are the future of a more cultured and inclusive RVA – the challenge is making it all work! I strongly support the effort and idea. Here are the Cheats Movement photos from Saturday:

Black Liquid killed the stage and has a new album coming this Friday

Charged Up – Noah -O – Streetz Deep – J-Nero all in the building. Very sad that the team’s set was cut.

Bravo – Big League put on a major set Saturday with several changes of clothes.

Lela Bizz joined Bravo on stage.

The Charged Up Motto

New Juice rocked the stage. Emphasys…NO PAIN…NO FEAR

Big League showed out.

TMac poppin tags!

Bandalero rockin with big brother Black Liq watching over.

J-Nero and Streetz Deep. Always good to see RVA hip hop out in full force.

So RVA Fest brought some real diversity to the scene Saturday night.

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