If you know me then you know where I stand on dessert in RVA. Garnett’s Cafe is hands down my favorite spot. So you could imagine my excitement when I learned that the wonderful owner of Garnett’s Cafe, Kendra and the baker responsible for my favorite desserts, David were opening WPA Bakery in Church Hill. I made my first stop by WPA Bakery yesterday around 7:45 AM and the place was already buzzing.

WPA owner Kendra behind the counter. She’s such a dope lady.

WPA, located at 2707 East Marshall Street in Church Hill, is still getting their full menu of cakes and pies up but as I sat for coffee and a few pastries you could already tell that the spirit of the place was in full swing.

The spirit of WPA is already in full swing.

I think the best part of my visit was not only seeing Kendra in action but also being able to chat with her during breaks. I met her briefly in the past during a happy hour where I also met her very cool husband John who post for Fan of the Fan. But chatting with Kendra and learning a little about her journey from waitress to owner of 3 restaurants (Garnett’s Cafe, Ipanema Cafe, and The Roosevelt) and a bakery is truly inspiring. Also, she has great stories. I mean if you work in the restaurant biz as long as she has you kind of become a natural storyteller, even if you don’t know it. Even learning about her recent wedding was a great story.

David is the man responsible for my favorite desserts in RVA.

Update: This lovely lady is Shola! Note: In the epic fail category of this post. I asked the wonderful lady her name and even wrote it down and who lost the notes…this guy. Please send me your name and I will post it. #EpicfailCheats

After what seems to have been years of debate and planning, most of it controversial and rooted in racial history and city politics, it appears that Church Hill is finding a balance and harmony that is rooted in pride for its community. Places like WPA Bakery and The Roosevelt and people like Kendra, who is really working to support Church Hill as community, is making a huge impact. I hope you will check out WPA Bakery soon. It’s well worth the trip.

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