After 16 years at one spot – in Carytown – Plan 9 Music has a new spot – in Carytown. While the long-time RVA record store may have crossed the street – literally the new spot is right across the street – the vibe is the same. I stopped by the new location last night just to check it out and see how the spot looked. I can’t lie – I’m probably part of the problem for hardcore records store like Plan 9 – I’ve gone to digital just like most but I have a very special place in my heart for Plan 9. In my opinion, Plan 9’s vibe has always fit RVA – it fit years ago when we were more gritty and dangerous – and it fits now when Carytown is changing and getting more upscale all around it. It’s hard for me to think of Plan 9 as old school but it seems to be and I appreciate that vibe. I wish them the best of luck in the new spot. WE SEE IT! High Standards – No Limits: The Cheats Movement Blog!


New location but same vibe at Plan 9

20121206-IMG_9966-2Change is always an adjustment but 1 day in and the Plan 9 crew appreciates the new space.

20121206-IMG_9963-2You tell me: Is Plan 9 old school?

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