Words and Photo by Cheats; YouTube video clip courtesy of RVA Grooves ( JI Live)

In case you didn’t know there is a new television show that is blazing RVA arts and culture. RVA Grooves has just aired its 3rd episode on NBC 12. The show represents all things RVA arts and culture and while that is a very broad brush, I applaud what they are doing and how they are focused on uplifting the culture. Hosted by the lovely Kelli Lemon, RVA Grooves has the capacity to do in a few weeks/months what blogs like The Cheats Movement have been working towards for the last 2 years. But unlike some bloggers that would be intimated or even jealous, I’m happy that this platform has starting and doing a great job for RVA becuase it means that what everyone is doing is working. RVA’s culture scene is gaining momentum and doing some amazing things and I welcome with open arms everyone that is joining and leading this movement to change the climate in RVA.

The Cheats Movement Family is being represented well, episode 2 featured West Coast Kix (check out that WCK blog – done by yours truly) and episode 3 profiled my dude Hamilton Glass and that’s why I love RVA today – brothers like HAM? getting some well deserved shine. WE SEE IT!

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