This year has bees so amazing that Part I simply not enough…The Cheats Movement Blog best photos of 2012 Part II – WE SEE IT! Click the link to Like the Cheats Movement Facebook Page! Even better in 2013!

(5 of 7)The Ohbliv article I did for RVA Mag was one of my highlights of the year. For one, Ohbliv deserved the ink for his constant contributions to the RVA music scene and second, take a minute to read the article, it’s not your average hip hop article – we go deep and it was really dope experience.

Video is here-3 I shot my first music video this year and it was for my brother, The Honorable Sleaze. I was so proud to work on this video for such a well deserving artist.

Cheats Movement Bottom line – dope parents mold dope children – some of my favorite people. Shot at the Shadrock Music Festival.

(3 of 3)Richmond Magazine hooked the Cheats Movement Blog up this year. I’m so proud that RVA is taking notice. This photo was shot by my dude Nick Mastro and featured in the article. S/O Mike and PJ Sykes.

-1I focused a lot on Black and White photos this year. This is one of my favorites of Ms. Proper shot at Epic Fest.

Final-18A rare group shot of the artist of the RVA Street Art Festival, with my man Ed Trask raising his arms in victory.

Final-23 With much peace to my dudes BC Music 1st and Soul Live Media – who just always do their thing – not a lot of blogs photograph local hip hop like the Cheats Movement – no matter what – RVA hip hop is the backbone of this blog. Conrizzle, Octavion, Isaiah, Fair, rocking the stage.

Slides-2Futura 2000 tagged my book of tags. He put in work and did this right in front of me….crazy. Check those edges, he burnt them with a lighter.

Zoom To Fit-16At River Rocks – RVA’s own BossHogg Monk

Aryz on AryzAryz on Aryz right on main street



RVA’s hip hop community came together to honor Kleph Dollarz – some of the best in RVA!

20121115-IMG_1540-2WPA Bakery in Church Hill!

Leak-10I loved branching out of hip hop to cover other types of shows this year, Diamond Center is one of my favorite Richmond bands.

Me with G40-1Who else go this…a photo with some of the best (clearly elusive) street artist in the world…chillin while in town for the G40 Art Summit.

(1 of 1)I took this photos at a rally for Tim Kaine for Senate. I love this photo – that young man was so excited to see the future Senator of Virginia.


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