Here at The Cheats Movement – we love the new year. A new year brings new music, new videos, new art, and most importantly new energy. This year is going to be even better than ever. The goal is to be even more on the ground in RVA – presenting even more positive aspects of RVA’s diverse culture. We are going to break new content and new ground, while working with our longtime friends and adding new partners and contributors. The Cheats Movement Family is going be front and center in the streets and as long as you are positive, motivated, and up lifting to our community – I got you.

In this new year, I will NEED your support! Help spread the Cheats Movement logo (take some stickers) – support the projects (starting Saturday night at Gallery 5), support the Facebook page (690 Likes right now), support on twitter, tell a friend – the Cheats Movement is going to run with the support we currently have and build – build – build for 2013! But I’m not going to stop there – national interviews are coming too. Last year it was Ice T, Bobbito Garcia, Phonte (etc) – this year will be more of the same.

I’m excited to start the new year off with some new RVA music. RVA hip hop is the backbone of this blog and I will never turn my back on it. RVA hip hop has always showed this blog love and I appreciate the support and will continue to give back.

Ms. Proper teamed up with one of my favorite directors Rob Roby (Soul Live Media) for the first visual of her upcoming album, “Escaping Reality.” Ms. Proper is off to a great start – if Prop and Rob can do work equal to the visuals that he did for Doe The Paperboy last year – watch out RVA- the game may be crushed already. S/O to some of my homies in the video: Artik Phreeze, The Williams Brothers from YFD, So !lla and the BSE crew, and Doe. Rob, Where was my call (haha)? I can shoot behind the scenes.

Next up is the homie Noah-O (S/O Charged Up Ent.). He teamed up with producer Taylor Whitelow (make sure to check out his latest solo work Armsrace) and drop a new track, “Klephnote” from the upcoming, “Monument Avenue.” You gotta feel “with” Noah during this period. This is one of the most heartfelt tracks I’ve heard from him – the range and diverse skill set he continues to show as an artist puts him in a special category. “What’s a few dollars/if you ain’t got honor” Word!

I’m really excited to share this latest drop from my brothers Nint3ndo. They blessed me with their new bootleg, remix, edit pack and I appreciate it more than ever because it just shows the diversity of the city. These brothers have always been great to the blog. Check out “Trapocalypse.” Also, I see how they are reppin some true hip hop hard with some of these remixes. #Salute

Last of the day…my brother Dank D released his new work, “SMOG OF WAR.” The homie is showing more and more growth with every record. I know how hard he works and I’m happy to see it paying off. S/O to my homie Joe Threat who is also featured on the album. You can’t find two artist more motivated to put in work.


That’s it for today but I got more waiting to post later this week. My email is if you want me to check something out. Check the site, it doesn’t have to be all music or hip hop anything positive in the city – hit me up.

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