Last night, I took The Cheats Movement camera to the The Low Branches album release show at Gallery 5. I first heard The Low Branches last year at Shannon Cleary’s Commonwealth of Notions show. I remember leaving that show thinking how good their set was and looking forward to their upcoming record. Well, the record is here, it is titled, “One Hundred Years Old” and is now available to purchase from their Bandcamp page – click here.¬† I was talking with a good friend last night about the band, and while I understand that it is truly a guessing game in regards to which local bands turn the corner to mainstream recognition, it’s clear that the Low Branches defiantly have an undefined “it” factor that will take them a long way. “One Hundred Years Old,” presents itself as not only an honest record, but truly authentic with a deeper connection to its listeners. The audiences last night seemed to truly understand and apprecaite the tone of the record.

20130119-IMG_0471-2The Low Branches played Gallery 5 last night for their album release party.


The new record is called, “One Hundred Years Old.

I also got my first chance to see Anousheh Khalili and Dogs on Main Street. I had heard some recent buzz about Anousheh Khalili as they have been playing a few live shows  recently and have been turning more than a few heads. They did not disappoint. Anousheh has a really good sound and worth checking out live when you get the chance.

20130119-IMG_0419-2-2 Anousheh Khalili has been gaining some buzz recently – well worth checking out live.

Equally as impressive was Dogs on Main Street. He was truly a “one man band” last night. He did it all and did it well. Though last night’s set ventured a little more into indie/folk than blues, I got the sense that Dogs on Main Street would make a great blues man. His harmonica chops are impressive and has a pleasant, yet powerful, singing voice.

20130119-IMG_0392-2 Dogs on Main Street made the trip from NYC to play last night.

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