OMG-1The New Juice Crew will release their long awaited mixtape, “Know the Ledge Vol 1.” tonight at Face Melt Friday.

Words and Photos by Cheats

So here is the question: Is the New Juice Crew RVA’s very own Wu-Tang Clan? I think the make-up is there, the diversity in style is there, even the drive to succeed is there….only time will tell how this story plays out. Okay Okay…I know they are not RZA, GZA, ODB, Rae and Ghost but let’s face it – NO ONE is – WU-TANG change the game forever. But the brothers known as, “The New Juice Crew,” have the building blocks to follow in the path blazed by those NYC emcee Gods nearly 20 years ago. Tonight is a bit of a coming out party for TNJC. They are releasing their new mixtape, “Know the Ledge Vol. 1” at Face Melt Friday (Stange Matter, doors open at 7 PM).

The good brother Black Liquid hit me with an advance copy of the tape to drop a few tracks on the Cheats Movement Family. My first read of the tape is really positive. TNJC is not known for studio work – they are known for action-packed live performances, but “Know the Ledge” plays well in the car – it gives off a lot of energy.

FMFVISlides-26Black Liq brings the energy every time – tonight will be no different.

Your Welcome- BC Music 1st, Lord Slugg, Azrael Onassis, Black Liqud

The Cheats Movement Blog is very familiar with the sounds of Black Liq, Lord Slugg, Emphasys, and my dude Azreal Onassis, and they all brought their usaual heat. However, the tape was a bit of a coming out party for my dudes Bandolero, and Corey Starks. They provide a nice suprise – each fronting their own solo tracks on the tape.

FMFVISlides-28Bandolero is a nice suprise on The New Juice Crew Mixtape.

Don’t Waste my Time – Azreal Onassis, Emphasys, Corey Starks, Black Liq

BC Music 1st made his mark on the tape as the newest “official” member of the crew. Even though he’s been rocking TNJC for a long time now – BC is a grindaholic and I’m glad Richmond will get to hear his voice.

Slide Show-2BC was annouced as the newest member of the New Juice Crew – but people in the know – know BC has been rocking with the crew for a long time.

BC Music 1st – Arrogant

And yo, I can’t leave this post without a S/O to Swerve 36. Hey laid it down. Always one to rock the 1s and 2s and keep the party going – Swerve got on the mic on this tape and did his thing with “This Feeling.”

This Feeling – Swerve 36

I can’t name all the brothers on the tape – too many to name – but trust me when I say it worth checking out. Make sure you come out tonight to get a copy of the full mixtape. As well as see some of the best RVA hip hop talent in one place. Face Melt Friday at Strange Matter tonight.

FMFVISlides-24FMFVISlides-25RT, & Emphasys

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