Last night, my homegirl, Patience Salgado AKA Kindness Girl did an amazing job as the special guest for the Richmond Comedy Coalition’s Richmond Famous show at Gallery 5. But Patience was not alone, she called on her good friend Jennifer Lemons-Driskell AKA The Checkout Girl to rock a ukulele sing along. It was a great time.  Below are some of the photos. I’m so excited about the things The Cheats Movement Family has in store for 2013 and it was a real family affair last night. If you don’t know already the Richmond Comedy Coalition is in process of opening their new theater on Broad Street. Support them as best you can. Patience and The Cheats Movement Blog (along with so many others) are always working on projects to bridge the gap in this city. RVA, good things are happening. #WESEEIT

20130222-IMG_1094Whatever you are doing Katie – Matt is digging it – Joey not so much

20130222-IMG_1006The wonderful Patience Salgado

20130222-IMG_1055It was a ukulele sing off last night. Jennifer played Creep, Rocket Man, and Let It Be

20130222-IMG_0990Patrick loved the sing along

20130222-IMG_1035I’m not sure what was happening here..haha

20130222-IMG_1025Is this your baby???

20130222-IMG_1076Head lice is not so bad…right?

20130222-IMG_0966I was called out – What up Matt

20130222-IMG_1090Huge crowd to support Kindness

20130222-IMG_1038Kindness was famous last night

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