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It’s Wednesday and I must say — I love this series. Yes, it’s personal to me but I’m so heartened by the response of RVA. Today is no different, we have a Henrico School Board member, right beside a long time RVA hip hop artist, right beside a community activist and super hero (yes you Manifest).  Really think about the RVA as a whole – it’s great that this energy can match other actions happening in the city and region. Community…it’s a powerful tool if used right. Let’s take a moment to think about what it means – and share it. Like all of the post from this week the are all posted on their own page. Hover over the “Meaning of Community” tab at the top of the screen to see the drop box for everyone. Also, you can check the Cheats Movement Facebook as I will start loading every post on there as well. It’s still not too late to join this project….Email or message me on Facebook. And wit no further delays – YOUR COMMENTS:

“Community engagement requires individuals to assess the needs of the community at large and take appropriate action that provides opportunities to impact the quality of life afforded to others.” Lamont Bagby…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM LAMONT

“…In Richmond, we celebrate the James, we celebrate an incredibly rich vernacular architecture, we celebrate the train culture, skate culture, urban culture, high art, public murals, performing arts, niche restaurants and the incomparable food culture that follows.  As we each experience these objects and spaces, we develop commonalities that draw us together from within.  We embrace those things for their singular influence on us within the context of our community and this can shape our ideas for good.” Nelly Kate…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM NELLY

“Defining community is really simple and can be defined by asking how wide is your we? Who is included in your us?” Duron Chavis AKA Brother Manifest….CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM MANIFEST

“The love we spread to one another is what builds community. Its more than just the people or places that may comprise a neighborhood, or city, or state. Communities begin in the heart; it is built with the mutual love and respect we show to each other.” The Honorable Sleaze…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM SLEAZE

“To me community can mean many things, but at its core community means unique people working together for the common good. Is a project bringing people together in a positive or transformative way? If yes – that’s the embodiment of community.” Missy Neff Gould…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM MISSY

“I think of community as a place where people feel connected, respected, and valued. It is a place where people can be their full selves without fear of judgment….” Jonathan Zur…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM JON

That’s all for today. Make sure that you share, Facebook, Tweet, and comment. Let people know what’s happening around RVA and on this blog. Community affects us all. Let your voice be heard.

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