DSCN0466Are you getting tired yet? I’m not. I think it’s clear that there is no magic bullet – no one right way to define community. However, it is amazing to read how others view community in RVA and see how it applies to my life. I’ve already been challenged, surprised, an even moved by the words people are writing. Today is no different with post from: Del. Jennifer McClellan, Robb Moore, Rasheeda Matthews, Pamela Howard, Tony Harris, and my dude Black Liquid. Take it all in – and see how their words apply to your life. Do they inspire you? Do they move you to act? Time will tell…but you hold the answer.

“In the root of the word community is the gift of being together.  For me, community is also a path to helping people heal.” Pamela Howard….CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM PAMELA

“A community isn’t just a bunch of people doing the same thing, bound by the land they inhabit, by the burdens they bare, its ownership.  The feeling of being part of something that cannot be seen, but can be felt.  Its a responsibility.” Black Liquid…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM BLACK LIQ

“…Today, these are the questions that this new version of our community has propagated and leads to the heart of what your question means to me – how can I help you? Because in the end, helping the local business or artist or musician helps everyone and that is the true backbone and definition of  a sustained community.” R Antony Harris…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM TONY

“…When we invest in our community, we invest in others an in this world.  That is the fabric of life, and the fabric of a great society, and if that’s the rent I must pay on this earth, I will gladly do so.” Rasheeda N. Matthews…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM RASHEEDA

“Community, like family, is one of those words that one the surface pops with the positive associations we know we should feel about it, but that in a postmodern and urban reality drips also with the clinging of demands that lead many of us to spend lots of energy holding it at arm’s length.” Robb Moore…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM ROBB

“Community is your extended family as it provides support, fellowship, and a safe place to turn to in a time of need.” Jennifer McClellan…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM JENNIFER (Not actually “more” but there is a photo).

This is your discussion – our discussion. Share, comment, Facebook, and tweet what’s happening out. There is still time – yes, still time to have your voice heard about Community, so I ask, “What does Community mean to you?”

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