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I’m starting to say this just about every hour now but I’m so heartened and excited about what is happening with this project. I often start projects because I’m interested in the outcome or because I think they are fun. I’m often surprised by what RVA embraces — and I’m not just talking about this project. I’m surprised by the music, art, and culture that RVA embraces…and it’s not what you think. I’m often pleasantly surprised. RVA has a tough reputation when it come to embracing its own — and I must say – it’s pretty well deserved BUT I truly believe that the ice is breaking. It’s breaking in music, art, and culture. It’s breaking in Community.  What does that mean? Where do we go from here? I honestly can’t say for sure – but I’ve live in RVA my entire life and I can feel something different happening – I can feel people wanting to talk to each other and teach each other and share with each other – and this project is fueled by that energy. People want to be around each other – and that is very exciting. Joining the project today are: Ben Margolis, MaReesa Dawn, Madeline Roberts, Matt Newman, Kristel Poole, Rob Roby and Mikemetic.

“To me community is selflessness. It requires an understanding of those around you and a communal attitude toward a better cause…” Rob Roby…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM ROB

“…This is because the concept of community is not absolute. Community, as with many things in life and beyond, is what you make it. The key is to operate under a unified umbrella of “community” that reflects not only the diverse demographics of the larger effected populous but a holistic benevolence that should be the underlying rudiment of any communal claims made by any group, gathering or organization…” -Mike “Mikemetic” Williams…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM MIKEMETIC

“Community to me, means the common good. People sharing resources fairly and with consideration of the common good makes for community…” Madeline Roberts…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM MADELINE

“Community – different folk.. different ideals.. different skills = like minds.. like passions.. like goals.. working together for larger impact.” -MaReesa Dawn…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM MAREESA

“Community is the essence of humanity. It’s the coming together for the common benefit of the group that has allowed our species to be as productive as we’ve been…” Ben Margolis…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM BEN

“For me, community is about saying “I care about you, I support you, and I want to see you do well.” The more you can say that, the broader your community.” Matt Newman…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM MATT

“…I think that community and the idea of where you feel at home are concepts that either hit you like a brick or they take a while to grow within you; I don’t believe that one is better than the other. I feel at home in Southern California, where I was born. I feel community when I am in Hawaii….” Kristel Poole…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM KRISTEL

While I have to put an end to submission. I will continue to post every post I have received. To everyone that participated – Thank you. The first thank you of many RVA. #WESEEIT

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