I will short because as wonderful as this week has been, it’s also been a task to make sure everything got done. I must say a thank you to everyone that took the time to participate in this project. Community is about all of us and the fact that so many Richmonders participated (over 45) is the best indicator that “collectively” we can make positive change in RVA.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not sure what is next…I’m not BUT I know that something “kinetic” and “tangible” will be barnstormed moving forward. Books are cool – speaking panels are cool too BUT I would love to do something with this conversation that leads to some type of community-wide service project. I don’t know what that looks like right now, if you have suggestions – hit me up. I’m completely open. This is our project.

The final counts seems to be 46 – if there is anyone that submitted before the deadline and didn’t get up – hit me up – I will add you. If you missed the deadline – next time my friend. #WESEEIT Make sure to follow The Cheats Movement on Facebook – Support what’s happening.

“Community is where you have a voice and feel heard even though you don’t always get your way…” Alex Iwashyna,…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM ALEX

“To me, community means a group of people coming together for love of a certain thing, whether it be music, arts, sports, family or even a small but common interest…” Andrew Cothern, RVA Playlist, Style Weekly…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM ANDREW

“Participating in community, within our own city, and in greater communities around the world that live and breathe like ours, is the only way to truly bring change to an otherwise controlled path. It takes a community to look around and notice that the scales are tipped, that the noise is louder than the change and reject it all for the sake of community….” Jameson Price, Silent Music Revival, Lobo Marino…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM JAMESON

“..Its means the collective effort to live in harmony. To enjoy the various differences of ethnic backgrounds and to encourage and help where we see difficulties for each other….” Lorna Pinckney, Everything Verses…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM LORNA

“I think community is the new family–family that you choose, with intention. It’s group of people working together, to build each other up and support each other for their higher purpose….” Peggy Myers Walz…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM PEGGY

“Think about it, what in RVA “hasn’t” influenced you? Whether the quirky styles of downtown or the high scale luxurious ways of Short Pump we all seem to mimic our area but come together in the heart of the city for VCU games, Concerts, and events that bring the city together so we all take part in participation…” Roger Tyler…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM RT

“Community is a concept that for me has centered mostly around “creative community” but I know for others it can define and spiral out in many directions. The common unity with us all is that it matters…” Todd Raviotta…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM TODD

“While the word itself literally means and derives from what we have in “common,” for me, the beauty of community is that it is a curated collection of a lot of cool differences. Each of us brings something unique. Different and differences need not be dirty words. Differences are rad…” Ted Elmore…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM TED

“Sometimes you wonder.  Do people care?  Do they share the same desires?  Is this really a place where people want to come together?  Involve yourself in the many volunteer needs around Richmond and you’ll see – Community is alive and well in Richmond!…” Vicki Neilson, A Giving Heart…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM VICKI


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