I salute the homies over at YFD clothing on the release of their new Spring Collection 2013. YFD, similar to The Cheats Movement Blog, has been gaining a reputation in RVA through consistency. In the last 3 years, I have seen a few (more than a few) brands arrive and quickly disappear. YFD has been on a gradual climb through their hard work and dedication. Check out their Spring 2013 Collection consisting of 7 distinct pieces, with various sets of matching colorways. The collection features 4 t-shirts, 2 SnapBack Hats, and an exclusive accessory piece. You can check the rest out at YFDClothing.com 20120308-10#WESEEIT #FAMILY



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    YFD is really out here grinding hard. Just to know them as a brand is a pleasure. YFD works so hard to achieve what they’ve been working on for a long time (even before we started), and im glad to see them really getting recognition. Every event i’ll see them with a table set up or someone on stage rocking some YFD. Go check them out! #StayTalented

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