What guy? The guy that will hit up my cell phone next week and say, “Ah Cheats, I heard the show Saturday at Ipanema was great. I wish I had come out” or the guy that I run into next week and says, “RVA is just so boring, there is nothing to do.”

Trust me on this..there is something to do this Saturday night (10 PM) and it’s FREE. Come out to Live at Ipanema Cafe. The show is featuring great music by The Low Branches and Sam Reed.  Bring a friend (or two or six), hang out with the blog family, be apart of the positive, diverse culture that is connecting RVA as family. RSVP for the show HERE – Get there early because it may fill up – then I’m sure to hear, “Man, I tried to get in but it was full.” Even though that one I understand. #WESEEIT

Poster by PJ Sykeslai 04 13 2013

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