20130525-IMG_4618Hanging at Jefferson Vineyards

Every once in a while I leave RVA. Yes, that’s right, I leave the boroughs of Richmond for some get away time. This time, lead by my wonderful wife (to be), we headed to her stomping grounds of C-Ville to visit some vineyards and take some time off. We searched for somewhere peaceful to stay and ran across Milton Cottage. Let me just say, Milton Cottage was the best part of the trip. It’s was so peaceful and just everything we wanted. It was small, quiet, had wireless internet and a ihome for tune, and it really gave you the feel that you were away from it all.

20130524-IMG_1950 The outside of Milton Cottage


The inside of the Cottage

I could have stayed in the cottage all weekend and really enjoyed myself. You should bring snacks and there is no television (which was really great for us)…it’s a magical place.


I could have done sat in that chair all day

20130523-IMG_4540The cottage had a great porch and view

You can tell by the headline that we went on a number of wine tastings. Aria went on five to be exact, I made four (a brother had to drive). While I don’t have photos of every place I will list them all for you here:

Our first was Blenheim Vineyards: Since I know nothing about wine, I can only say that the view and atmosphere at Blenheim was exactly what I wanted. You could sit on the deck overlooking the vineyard and enjoy wine and snacks. The employees were very nice and it was a great time. S/O to Blenheim owner Dave Matthews…Good look Dave (ha).


Blenheim Instagram

So I need to be clear, Blenheim was our only stop on Thursday. After overnight at the cottage, we attacked Friday starting at Veritas Vineyard. Again, I know nothing about wine so if you’re looking for a description on wine, I’m sorry; I can’t help you. However, Veritas was great. Great view and a great tasting.

20130524-IMG_4578 Veritas Entrance

20130524-IMG_4581Veritas has an amazing view. We even saw a guerrilla wedding.

After Veritas, we made two brewery stops. We had lunch at Devils Backbone Brewing Company and then dropped by Bold Rock Cider Company. Both were great stops…I recommend them both.


Devils Backbone tasting during lunch.

Okay by this time I had to stop drinking, it was just too much. Our last stop Aria had to do it alone – she was game. Our last stop on Friday was a King Family Vineyard. King Family was awesome…great scenery and I’m told some of the best wine in VA.


King Family Vineyard View


Inside of King Family Vineyard’s tasting room.

After a hard fought game of Scrabble (I will not announce who won but I will say that the game was played and remains under protest), it was time for bed and our last stops on Saturday before heading back home.


The The game is under protest…but I take credit for most of the 2 letter words…hahaha go me.

As we bid farewell to Milton Cottage, we headed out to the Jefferson Vineyards tasting room . Saturday wine tastings are different than Thursday or Friday…on Saturday there are just a lot more people. And this was a holiday weekend so you could imagine the crowd. Note: If your goal is to relax and have personal time at the vineyard…avoid Saturdays. With that said, I like the view at Jefferson. We had a great time. Check the cover photo. Our last stop was not planned. Driving around we passed a sign that said scenic views at the Carter Mountain Apple Orchard. We made a quick stop for the view and ended up doing our final tasting of Prince Michel Wine.

20130525-IMG_1979 Carter Mountain is a great gem. Great view with a ton of stuff to see and a Prince Michel Wine Tasting.

So in summary, we had a great trip and it doesn’t begin to cover the vast amount of gems in the C-ville region. For a really quick list of places we went:

Milton Cottage

Blenheim Vineyard

Veritas Vineyard

Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Bold Rock Cider Company

King Family Vineyard

Jefferson Vineyards

Carter Mountain Apple Orchard

970275_10151674607834414_937446809_nBack home Aria’s final wine haul…not bad!

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