579529_513086092090029_1908007916_nI love it when the Fam comes together in unique ways. I’ve been a fan of the Silent Music Revival for  a while now. Jameson Price does an amazing job keeping this event going with great RVA talent. And tomorrow night at Gallery 5, I think, SMR will reach a brand new level with the one and only RVA Mad Genius Ohbliv.

Ohbliv is a rare talent for RVA. His beats and production reaches far beyond RVA to levels as far as Iceland (No really – the brother released a record with a label in Iceland).  The best way to describe to Ohbliv’s music is to truly say there is not description BUT there are moods, feelings, and emotions. He takes the listener through these moods, feelings, and emotions with him. His musical journey is so deep it moves into the realm of something spirtiual. “I’m looking to get an emotional response with my sound. My music is all about spirit and emotion,” is what Ohbliv said to me during an RVA Mag interview last year. This show is one not to be missed.

If you’ve never been to a Silent Music Revival before, it’s truly a gem in RVA. A silent movie is played (tomorrow night Mechanical Man) and the featured musician or band plays their music over the movie. Though the artist has never seen the movie prior to the gig, the film is curated in a way that always makes the artist fit the type of film. It really is something special. I hope to see you tomorrow night.

(1 of 7) Ohbliv is the featured musician for tomorrow night’s Silent Music Revival  at Gallery 5 – 8 PM – FREE.

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