Final Cover 2Last July, we pulled off the first ever Cheats Movement Epic Group Photo: A Good Day in Richmond, with about 7 days notice and in between Saturday afternoon thunderstorms. All and all it was an amazing turn out featuring some of RVA’s most creative people hanging in one place. On July 13, 2013, we hope to do it even bigger!

What is the Cheats Movement Family Photo? Really it’s just another excuses to get family, friends, readers of the blog, and lovers of RVA all in the same place. I got the idea from the famous Jazz  musician photo: A Good Day in Harlem, taken on the streets of Harlem in 1958. I think it cool to have a photo representing RVA’s creative community.

Who’s invited? Everyone! I don’t care if you’ve never been featured on the blog – anything like that. If you are making positive move in the Greater Richmond area – you are family. Also bring kids – we love the kids!

What to bring? Not much (if anything). I’m guessing there will be some people that you haven’t met there before or normally chat with, I hope you take a moment to meet new people. Also, a camera is always cool to bring.

This photo is about bringing the family together, building community, and having fun. I hope to see you there. July 13, 2013 at 2 PM. We will meet on the steps of Brown’s Island (leading to the Friday Cheers Stage).

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    We hope to see new faces this year in the family photo! This was a very special event to RVA last year and we thank Cheats for really bringing out the entire RVA family and with growth comes new things. So join us on the 13th for the annual RVA family photo #WeSeeIt #StayTalented

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