This Saturday, DoethePaperboy will be headlining the The National with his friends Against Grace. I caught up with Mr. DOE Nation himself to get his thoughts on the upcoming concert. More on that in a minute – I’ve followed Doe’s moves for about two years now and I’ve seen first-hand what he’s done – not only to build his fan base – but also to build his business and brand. I believe Doe’s grind moved into overdrive in early 2012 when he hooked up with Soul Live Media and dropped two of my favorite videos, Picasso and If I Had It. The more I learn about Doe Nation the more I understand that he is much more than a musician, he is a entrepreneur with a hustlers spirit. Check out my interview below with a true Grindaholic:  DoeThePaperboy.


Saturday is a big show – you’re at the National with Against Grace, tell me how did the two of you link up?

I’ve been rocking with Against Grace for 4 years now – Me and Wes went to school together (Petersburg High School), so I always knew him. We just ran into one another at a Show in Petersburg – at a Spot Called Wabi Sabi. We exchanged numbers and later found out we have great chemistry and the rest is too be written.

I can tell that you are very excited about Saturday night, what makes this upcoming show special for you?

This show marks about 3 years since I headlined with Against Grace back in 2010. They are my favorite band so I’m really looking forward to their performance. And also this is a chance to bring everything we offer as a team into a great venue for more exposure.

For those who don’t know about you, it’s not just about music, tell me about the DOE movement you have going right now?

Right now we have been afforded the opportunity to be branded and marketed under AINIGRIV ADORN. Ainigriv is just VA backwards – so we think opposite – and Adorn is beautiful – so Va beautiful.  Being under such a great company D.O.E has been able to create a sneaker, watch, jewelry and countless other pieces of apparel. The movement has been worldwide for a while now and has been seen represented in many countries outside of The United States. We will continue to make the brand more powerful, that’s our bargaining power.

How did you discover your love and spirit for business?

My passion about all we are doing is fueled constantly by our worldwide support system.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have been told that this movement is for the greater good. The ability to maintain just comes from self determination, the will to be successful, and understanding that failure is character building.

What’s next for you and your team in 2013?

2013 and beyond – we’re going to explore new markets and make a greater effort to focus on community involvement.


Come out to The National this Saturday to see the entire DOE movement live. Doe will be headlining with Against Grace – DJ Foot will also be in the building  on the ones and twos.  The show starts at 7 PM. 

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