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Last night, I made two separate trips to Gallery 5 to catch day three of WRIR X Commonwealth of Notions: Volume Three. It was a great time even though I only saw two of the near ten bands that took the stage. I made a special early trip to see my friends Jameson and Laney of Lobo Marino play live. It’s been a long time coming for me to see them perform. I’m a huge fan of another event they do in RVA, The Silent Music Revival and have been looking a chance to see them perform as a band.

IMG_6977-2Lobo Marino are on a different level

All I can tell you about their performance is 1. I loved it and 2. Jameson and Laney are on a different level. It’s hard for me to describe but their music is spiritual and soulful at the same time. I love their use of various instruments – including a accordion and recorder – and how both Jameson and Laney use their voices as instruments. It’s a dope groove and every song takes you to a different place. I loved it and can’t wait to see them again.

IMG_6979-3 Lobo Marino used a variety of different instruments during their amazing set.

After a long break to do family activities – yes, I have to do family activities – I made it back to Gallery 5 to see the final performance of the night, Baby Help Me Forget. The first time I saw Baby Help Me Forget was their final show at the WRIR annual fundraiser nearly two years ago. I remember the band being flat out awesome and wondering aloud – why are they calling it quits. Nonetheless- they were back for a reunion performance and they were again awesome. Baby Help Me Forget is a concert photographer’s dream. They have so much energy it is unreal.

IMG_7005-5 Baby Help Me Forget

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