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Thanks to Michael Jordan and all the Nike Basketball ads that followed during that era – it is safe to say I grew up in the golden age of Nike basketball commercials from the MJ X Spike Lee classic collaborations of “It’s gotta be the shoes” to Charles Barkley’s “I’m not a role model” to David Robinson’s Neighborhood to my all-time favorite Penny Hardaway X Lil Penny, played by Chris Rock. These commercials were great because while they were shoe commercials, they had little to do with the actual shoes. The next day all my friends were talking about were the characters, imagery, celebrity cameos, just about everything but the shoe (which were dope by the way).

As a basketball fan, I do feel we are finally moving into a new golden age of hoops. Thanks to King James and more importantly because of time. The younger generation of basketball fans are finally getting to the age where the don’t remember MJ with the Bulls – I know right – we are getting that old. And so they don’t realize that MJ was the greatest player ever to lace up the sneakers (don’t get me started on MJ vs. Kobe vs. Lebron). They don’t understand that MJ (in his prime) was better than Lebron, Kobe, Magic, Bird, Wilt or any other person that could name.  Okay – I’ve lost focus BUT my point. While we have moved into a new golden age of hoops – the shoe commercials have not been as plentiful or as awesome as back in the Jordan era.

Lebron had a good run with The Lebrons a few years ago. But there really hasn’t been a commercial that keeps people talking like back when Lil Penny was hitting on Tyra Banks.  However, there is hope. Earlier this week I was introduced to Drain – Blake Griffin’s sidekick who is always ready for a run, talks trash, dresses like Mars Blackmon, and never misses a jumper. Blake and Drain are a throwback for Nike and I loved it. Check it out and let me know what had been your favorite Nike Hoops commercial over the years. WE SEE IT – The Cheats Movement Blog.


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