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No doubt about it – this year’s 2013 Richmond Mural Project brought a new level of attention to RVA’s art scene. The media coverage was elevated and the murals seemed to take on a more inviting style to the general public. Popular artist like Angry Woebots, Stormie Mills, Etam Cru, Greg Mike, & Gaia brought art enthusiast from afar and gave instant credibility to the vision. I was able to catch up with the man behind the Richmond Mural Project Shane Pomajambo of Art Whino to chat with him about this year’s success, lessons learned, and his plan of the future. WE SEE IT!

This year’s Richmond Mural Project seemed to explode in regards to media coverage and overall reception. What is your take on RVA’s interest in enthusiasm regarding public art and the mural project?

The coverage has been overwhelming.  Everyone around the world is buzzing about the Richmond Mural Project mostly because of the star line-up of artists painting in the city and their big following both in fans and press.  As we go into the second year more and more people are aware of what we are doing and the mission of the Richmond Mural project.  I am looking forward to those same people telling their friends and quadrupling the support next year.

Compare this year’s Richmond Mural Project to last year’s G40 and tell me what lessons did you learn from last year and how they were able to assist you this year.

A lot of lessons were definitely learned last year –  from organizing and getting muralist up in the morning up at the same time in the morning to organization of the smaller items which have to fall into place.  This year was a slam dunk in all aspects and we have definitely had smooth sailings.

IMG_7166-13Natalia Rak works on a mural on Grace Street (Sidewalk Cafe)

What was the final total on artist and murals?

This year we had 13 muralist in town with a  total of 22 Mural implemented for a grand total of 45 so far.

What has been the major challenge in ensuring live art projects –like the Richmond Mural Project – succeed in places like Richmond?

If I understand your question correctly you are asking what is the major challenge in producing the Richmond Mural project?  Funny enough there really has been a major challenge which is why the project is so successful.  From day one the Mayors office has been quick to adopt the project as a official Arts District project.  The business owners have been overwhelming supportive such as Alan and Todd from Selba and Meeshell, Ernst and Johnny from business such as Sidewalk Cafe and Kitchen 64.  Of course the people have been super supportive as well.  People such as you Marc who help spread the word!


Etam Cru on Grace Street

What is your long-term vision for the Richmond Mural Project?

My long term vision for the Richmond Mural project is to have the largest collection of murals from the greatest Muralists in the world right here in good ole Richmond.  This will attract visitors from all over the world for years on end to come to Richmond and enjoy its amazing multidimensional offerings it has.

Do you have a favorite mural in Richmond?

I don’t because for me my favorite thing about the murals is the process.  When you place the perfect muralist in the perfect spot and they create a piece that is his or her reaction to their experience in Richmond for me is my favorite part.  So with that said they are all my favorite!

IMG_7154-11Woes, Greg Mike, Stormie Mills hit up Selba


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