Huge S/O to my family Patience Salgado and Hamilton Glass for bringing the Light of Human Kindness to RVA. This is a bold “BOLD” concept to bring to RVA and I’ve personally seen the toll it has brought on my sister P thus far.

The Light of Human Kindness is an interactive mural in RVA that will explore the relationship of light and darkness and what can happen when art, technology and kindness come together to illuminate the power of human connection.

The project begins with our simple human stories. Once the stories are collected and written on the wall at a community event, Richmond artist Hamilton Glass will paint the mural over the very stories that hold our shared humanity and goodness.

The 1,000 (LED light bulbs) installed directly on an 80 foot wall in Cary Street will then light up one-by-one in real time as people from Richmond and around the world complete acts of kindness inspired by the mural art or their own experience of needing light during a dark time.

The mural will also invite folks to experience the power of human connection by interacting with the wall itself using conductive properties and other cutting edge technology. The collective energy of one hand touching the wall while linked with a physical human connection to others will also power the lights. and I know with her dedication this will be and amazing instillation. — reposted from The Light of Human Kindness and from KindnessGirl.com — please check out what is down with the Light of Human Kindness project – you won’t be sorry.

the light of human kindness from patience salgado on Vimeo.

I have about 57,000 stories to tell you about this project, but for now I’ll just say this…it’s here, *big sigh of relief*, and I can’t wait to do this together because…

everyone has a dark story

everyone holds a light

everyone needs kindness

the light is coming…


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