Fall Line Fest

With Fall Line Fest (FLF) fast approaching (this Friday and Saturday), I am very excited about the potential of this new festival. The highlight of the weekend will certainly be the music: 5 venues and over forty bands – headlined by Big Freedia. There has been a lot of media behind this festival and I’m really excited to do my part in spreading the word. Yet with so much information out there I want to boil down a few points – just for my Cheats Movement Family. Here are a few points I want to make about this weekend’s Fall Line Fest:

1.  BUY NOW TO SAVE: If you buy a FLF ticket online (before Thursday at midnight) you save enough for 10 McDoubles. That’s right. If you buy a ticket now online it’s $20 for the entire weekend and $15 for a day pass. If you wait until the weekend the price goes up to $30 for a weekend pass and $20 for a day pass. I know there are “reasons” not to get a day pass BUT if you’re in RVA this weekend – there is not a good reason. Even if there is nothing that appeals to you on one of the two days – buy the weekend pass. It’s a better deal and it gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself and see a new band.

2945_138513076313139_1918262949_nOhbliv Performs at 7:30 PM on Saturday at the Hippodrome

2. THIS IS YEAR ONE SO THE LOGISTICS OF THE FESTIVAL WILL NOT BE PERFECT: I know you think that every festival is run by super-professionals that never screw anything up. Well, I got news for you. This is the first year of FLF and there will undoubtedly be “something” screwed up. I don’t know what it is but I’m telling you now – don’t let any minor thing throw you off your mission of having a good time. The organizers of FLF are bringing an amazing festival – SXSW style – to RVA. We’re going to have to roll with the punches and enjoy the ride.

535612_138513509646429_25845775_nDead Fame Performs Friday at 7 PM at the Hippodrome

3. THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Look at the FLF schedule. There is just about every musical genre covered. There are a ton of local bands and some cool national performers. If you’re a fan of music, you should be able to find something you like on both days. With that said – there are amazing local bands that are not on this year’s bill and there are some genres not covered ie. R&B/Neo Soul to name a few. To that – I again say, “this is year one.” I”m not sure how everything will work down the line but for year one, I am excited about the make-up of the festival.

IMG_2727Black Liquid performs on Friday at 10:15 PM at Love RVA

4. FALL LINE FEST IS NOT JUST MUSIC: In addition, to the live music shows, there are a number of restaurant deals (Pasture, Sasion, Ipanema, Rappannock, The Well), visual art exhibits – including a live mural installation by Hamilton Glass, and a food panel on Saturday at 1 PM at the Camel. In addition there are a number of “unofficial” events – associated with the FLF this weekend. The First Friday’s art walk on Friday. Live at Ipanema hosted by RVA Playlist on Sunday. And so much more throughout the weekend.

IMG_7122-8 Mikemetic (Left) will be bringing his Afro Beta energy to Love RVA on Friday.

5. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE: I think most people don’t get the most out of festival because they are locked into one venue or a few events. That is a formula for a good time but not an amazing time. In order to get an amazing time – you need to move – you need to explore – you need to turn up. What do I mean? Get your ticket early on Friday – hit the First Fridays art walk – hit Love RVA to see Mikemetic, Rattlemouth, and Black Liquid  – hit the Hippodrome to see Dead Fame and White Laces – take in the live art on Saturday – hit the restaurant panel – hit a restaurant deal for dinner – and then hit not just one venue but several venues. That is the path to get an amazing return on investment.

HAM1HAM? will be painting a live mural all weekend.

There it is family – some family talk about this weekend’s Fall Line Fest. I think Fall Line Fest is going to be amazing. Hit me up on The Cheats Movement Blog and let me know your thoughts.

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