I hope you have heard by now about TEDxGraceStreet happening this Friday, September 20th from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM at the Richmond Times-Dispatch building at 300 E. Franklin Street. Tickets are available and only $25.

Earlier this year, I was introduced to TEDx events by TEDXRVA. The event made a huge splash in RVA , taking over the Power Plant Building and producing a TEDx on par with some of the best in the nation. I was there, got to know some of the organizers, and was glad to be a part of the online community at the event. And while I look forward to the next TEDxRVA let me tell you a little bit why I’m excited about TEDxGraceStreet.

1: I’m speaking! I’ll just get that out the way first. I am one of the 12 speakers so far announced for the event. While I’m still working on my talk right now, it will be about the project we did early his year on the Cheats Movement, where nearly 50 Richmonders posted about what community means to them. I’m excited to highlight some of the answers and focus on what we can learn from these answers to move RVA forward. I’ve wonder since March how to keep the project alive and I think TEDxGraceStreet will be an amazing boost for this project.

2: TEDxGraceStreet is “clearly” Richmond Focused: TEDxGraceStreet is described as a special TEDxCity2.o event that will showcase local experts and innovators in arts, education, urban planning, civic engagement, social justice and economic development. The key word here is local. Friday’s event is not a national event featuring a mixture of local speakers, it’s entirely focused on the Greater Richmond area. I think that is very important that we support events that are focused on improving Richmond from within.

3. The speakers are outstanding! I’m a huge fan of the speakers announced so far. If you haven’t heard about Angela Patton and her work with Camp Diva, you should come Friday. If you are not familiar with Ross Catrow and how he is moving the needle at, you should come Friday. if you are not familiar with Damon Jiggetts, Prabir Mehta, and Christy Coleman, you should come this Friday. The speakers are amazing and again based right here in RVA. National speakers will come – make a splash – and then go. You’ll be lucky if some of them follow you back or twitter but these speakers not only will you be able to see after this event, you should be able to actually meet with them and work with them to improve RVA.

4. Ticket price! I was fairly vocal about ticket price before TEDxRVA so I feel it’s necessary to mention it here. The tickets for TEDxGraceStreet are $25. I’m okay with that – I’m actually really good with that. I would love for it to be free but I understand there is a cost and I think $25 is worth it. I’m also very happy to know TEDxGraceStreet is setting aside tickets for non-profits. I won’t revisit the past with regard to ticket price at other TED events but I think $25 is a very reasonable price for attendance.

5. Finally, I’m excited about TEDxGraceStreet because it is yet another opportunity for Richmond to continue this crazy/amazing momentum that we have created and held over the last 2 years or so that RVA is a place we are proud to call home. As we transition from summer and move solidly into fall, think about all that is happening in RVA, the public events, the festivals, the art, the music. The creative culture of Richmond is thriving and TEDxGraceStreet provides another opportunity for us as Richmonders to capture what’s happening and keep it going.

Family, tickets are going fast for Friday. The limit in the room is 100 people so please log-on to the TEDxGraceStreet site and buy your ticket now. See you there #WESEEIT.


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