United RVAI often struggle with post I write on The Cheats Movement that deal with “hot” topics surfacing around the city. That is not the case with this post. It is not the case with this topic. The Cheats Movement Blog – The Cheats Movement Family has always been about bringing people together and celebrating the best aspects of Richmond’s culture.

As you are aware, a group is raising a 15 by 15 Confederate battle flag today on a unspecified tract of private land – along interstate 95 in Chesterfield County.  While I understand that I can’t stop the group from raising the flag, they can’t stop me from helping support a better decision for Richmond. A better movement.

Untied RVA is offering a positive alternative to highlight who we are as a city and who we can be moving forward. I hope you will join us in supporting this effort. United RVA is raising funds on social media to blanket the city with the American flag and positive symbols of unity and inclusiveness.

The way I see it, RVA is not perfect, it’s not. But the goal is to improve everyday and move forward together as a city, community, and family.

It’s very easy for this whole issue to get muddle. The Confederate flag is a lighting rod for controversy. That is why the group decided to use the flag and this approach to drive attention to themselves.

I’m not in the business of opposing division with more of the same. There is a better way to voice disappointment. The best way to overwhelm hate is with an overwhelming abundance of love, right?  The best way to overwhelm division is with an abundance of unity, right? So let’s do that RVA.

There is a better flag to support, The American flag. The American flag is the only flag that represents the freedoms we all live under today. This country is not perfect, RVA is not perfect…but we need to strive be better. Where do you stand? What do you stand for? The Cheats Movement stands for unity, diversity, tolerance, and an inclusive community. WE SEE IT!

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