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Photo by Paige Stevens (for Richmond Grid)

It all started with a completely random tweet:

“We have an extra rappel spot open for Media Day this Thursday! @KelliLemon? @CheatsMWC? Are you up for the challenge? #bucketlist

And it ended with me rappelling 400 feet down the SunTrust Building in the heart of RVA.

“Never again,” I yelled as my feet touched the ground. I could not believe I had just done something that I told myself I would never do. Ya see – I don’t understand those folks that do “extreme” adventures for fun. I don’t really understand those who pay money (a lot of money) to run marathons. I don’t knock them but I just don’t get it. And now – thanks to that random tweet (which I later found out I have Paul Spicer of Richmond Grid to thank for that) I am one of those people, rappelling 400 feet in the middle of the morning.  And though I yelled, “Never again,” I’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

photo 1

photo 7So why did I do it? Two reasons: 1. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve never had such an amazing opportunity before and that is important to me to share the experience on behalf of the Cheats Movement fam. I don’t take that for granted. 2. The cause is just too good not to be involved. I went Over the Edge – to highlight Over the Edge. It is an annual fundraiser for Special Olympics Virginia. Special Olympics VA started Over the Edge Richmond in 2009 as their inaugural Over the Edge event.

Over 100 people are going Over the Edge during the two-day event and all of them have a great story & connection to the amazing work of Special Olympics VA. Following my trip Over the Edge, I was able to speak with Rick Jeffrey, the President of Special Olympics Virginia, who put the entire event in the right perspective, “These events will challenge (you) but also remind you that our (Special Olympic) athletes face incredible challenges everyday: rejection, discrimination and others and their challenges last a lifetime.”

I met and visited with so many great people this morning – way too many to S/O but a very special S/O to: my dude Grid Guy, Holly Claytor, Columbus (and the entire team that hooked me up on the roof), Checkout Girl, Paige Stevens, Karen Phel and all the amazing cats on the 20th floor. #WESEEIT

Over the Edge4

Please visit Over the Edge at: and follow them on twitter at OverTheEdgeVa

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