Cheats Movement StickerPhoto by Kevin Solley of Hybernations

It’s that time of year…the holiday season is here.  And while the holidays are a special time for so many – it’s especially special for me. Full disclosure, I call this time the Season of Cheats. It starts with Thanksgiving, then RVA HOT SAUCE (held last Sunday – I’ll post a recap of last weekend’s awesomeness in the future),  then Christmas, then my birthday (December 28th – FB and Twitter birthday messages welcome), then New Years. It’s a great time.  And while I love it all, the holiday lights, grand illuminations, the rapid uptick in community service, what I like the best is the giving. I don’t know the many reasons why people give or how it makes them feel but giving to others truly makes me happy. You can call it a bit selfish – I’ll take that – but truthfully giving to other makes me feel good, in the same way that volunteering makes me feel good. I can’t call it – it just does.

So, with that said, in the spirit of the holiday season (and the Season of Cheats), I would like to give you the new Cheats Movement sticker, designed by my brother Hamilton Glass. Here’s how it works, you email me your address at: TheCheatsMovement@gmail.com and I’ll send you a sticker. It’s that simple. The first 30 emails will get the both the 2014 logo and the 2012 logo.

Recently I’ve been asked why did I change the logo for 2014.  The simple answer is that I like to change it up every year or so – focus more on the design instead of the name. But when I started thinking about it, the truth is logos are logos – I love the new logo and I love the old logo – but more importantly a logos don’t make The Cheats Movement. What the Cheats Movement does makes The Cheats Movement. It may sound crazy but the truth is actions – what you do (not  what you say) – what you believe (not what you portray) is your core and it’s that core that’s more important.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Keep visiting The Cheats Movement Blog in 2014 – operating to bring you the very best in Art X Culture X Community. WE SEE IT!


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