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A community collision of epic proportions took place last night at the Coalition Theater. The Coalition Theater team hosted their Jackson Ward neighbors Art 180 for their monthly Richmond Famous improv show. The night was lead off by the one and only Black Liquid telling an “action packed” story of the Black Harrison Ford (not him) navigating the jungle of Henderson Middle School (come to think of it – maybe he was the black Harrison Ford), armed with nothing by his mind and Waka Flacka Flame. The story was classic Black Liq.

IMG_9814-1Black Liq AKA The Black Harrison Ford (I think)

IMG_9823-2Steve played the other Black Harrison Ford – He was from Eastern Europe…

IMG_9836-6It may not look like it but David is playing the heck out of the piano and Erin is amazed.

IMG_9846-8If you know Jazmin and Chardone, this photo says it all. Jazmin is flashing her million dollar smile and Chardone is flashing her trillion dollar, “Whatever Cheats.”

IMG_9861-12Katie telling her artist to take it off – take it all off.

IMG_9866-13Michael tell the audience about upcoming Art 180 events. Please check out their website HERE. It’s an amazing organization.

IMG_9872-15For more photos of ART 180’s Richmond Famous Show visit The Cheats Movement Facebook Page. WE SEE IT!

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